Health Information Technology

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Health Information Technology by Mind Map: Health Information Technology

1. Clinical notes

2. Dental Diseases

3. X-Ray Charts

4. Diagnoses

5. Procedures

6. Personal Health Record

6.1. owned by the individual patient instead of by the providers

6.2. keep track of information from visits with the doctor

6.3. help them track their blood pressure, food intake, and exercising routines on their own time to help get a better understanding of their overall health

7. E-prescribing

7.1. a paper prescription can easily get lost or even misread if the handwriting isn't legible

7.2. replaces the paperwork by allowing the doctors to communicate directly to the pharmacy through a database

7.3. the patients pharmacy can just pull up the information on their computer through the database.

8. Electronic Health Record

8.1. electronic systems that store your health records in place of the paper copy

8.2. give doctors easy access to your health information through a database

9. Electronic dental records

9.1. a dental chart that is available in an electronic database

9.2. provide the oral health professional with the information necessary to chart electronically instead of using paperwork

9.3. The electronic method entails all of the same charting as before

9.3.1. Examples

10. Secure Messaging

10.1. communication system that allows patients and providers to transmit personal and medical information through a streamlined database

10.2. under higher protection and privacy

10.3. allows the provider and the patient more convenience to communicate on a regular basis without worrying if they can fit it into each other's schedule