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Jacob by Mind Map: Jacob

1. Call to Adventure

1.1. Jacob was called by a letter.

1.2. The letter had convinced Jacob to go visit.

2. Answering the Call

2.1. First he had to convince his parents to let him go

2.2. When his parents said yes, they were on their way to Cairnholm

2.3. They booked a flight and he was on his way

3. Crossing the Threshold

3.1. When he entered the orphange he had crossed the threshold

3.2. Emma then took him back in time and he was in the early 1900s

3.3. Meeting all the Peculiars was fun and he grew close to this new world

4. Entering the Belly of the Whale

4.1. After finding that who the wight was it went downhill

4.2. With his sidekick, Emma by his side they went to fight the wight

4.3. Finally he ended up killing the wight successfully with his sidekick, Emma

5. Refusal to Return

5.1. Once his lover suggested staying with her in this world he couldn't refuse

5.2. So he said goodbye to his dad

5.3. He then went with the remaining Peculiars to a new loop