Idea's of opening two minutes

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Idea's of opening two minutes by Mind Map: Idea's of opening two minutes

1. Characters

1.1. The characters that should be included should be able to play the role in which we set really well, in order to be able to give a professional vibe

1.1.1. Artie; This character should be played by a boy, who is also a teenager - looks around 16,17,18. This character is a quite character that always keeps his book into education so we can see the big transformation which has taken place. Also a innocent character so that we can see how social problems can influence someone to do something really bad and change their life

1.1.2. Mosir; This character is the main reason why Artie goes bad because he introduces the illegal way for him to make money. This character has to be rude and disrespectful and have that dodgy feel

1.1.3. Mother; The mother should be someone who is able to have the same warm, love, caring feeling. The mother ends up getting seriously ill she should be someone who can act depressed and ill.

2. Setting

2.1. The setting I think would be best for this opening two minuets would be in a council estate and a dodgy looking hospital and a school

2.2. School; I think that it would a good idea to include a school within the opening two minuets, because that way the audience are able to see how focused he was in schooling how serious he is about education

2.3. Council estate; Council estates are usually linked to people that are struggling and that don't come from a rich background. Most dodgy things seem to occur in council estates (according to stereotypes) so setting it within a council estate would make sense and give that impression

2.4. Hospital; The main character's mother does become ill, because of this Artie would have to go spend most of his days coming in and out of the hospital

3. Props

3.1. The props that I think should be included within our opening two minutes, should be fake guns, knifes, cigarettes, alcohol and bikes

3.2. Knifes & Guns; I think that these should be used because gangs usual operate with guns and knifes , by adding these it would give it a more realistic feel and the audience would be able to see how dangerous these gangs really are and what Artie has got himself into

3.3. Cigarettes and Alcohol: Gangs also smoke, as we always tend to see young people smoking cigarettes or even worst - weed. Gangs also drink when they're underage and abuse alcohol by drinking to much. So this would make sense to include this kind of behaviour within the 2 minutes

3.4. Bikes; Estate gangs are stereotyped to always have hoodies and ride on their bikes

4. Costumes

4.1. Mother; The mother in my view should be wearing something thats casual and informal because she is at home and we want our opening two minutes to be as realistic as possible. Also i think if we also allow her to wear something posh/formal instead of something casual it would portray the family a wealthy.

4.2. Artie (main character); When the Artie goes to school, he should we wearing something formal because Artie's main personality is that he really likes and treasure's his education - due to this reason him looking formal within school is a must. This is because we can give the impression that he is ready and serious about learning and his education. However while the film goes on the audience would be able to see the change of style. His style becomes more informal and 'road' like.

4.3. Mosir; Is the guy that brings Artie into all the bad stuff. So Mosir should be portrayed as a typical 'roadman' (gangster). His clothing shouldn't be cheap it should be a high end brand for example; nike, adidas, gucci because this way Artie would be able to see that Mosir is getting good money for what he does and Artie would think of joining. The clothing should be high end brand however it shouldn't be formal because it's rare to find a gangster these days with a suit, so dressing our character in casual joggers, hat and a hoody to also give the 'informal, dodgy' look.


5. Camera shots

5.1. The camera shots should vary a much as possible, from tracking shots to stationary shots. Were looking to use as many shot angles as possible, and avoid using the boring tripod

6. What should be included within the opening two minutes

6.1. I think that within the opening two minuets, short video clips of the mother and Artie should be shown with a old effect. Then we should show Artie sitting on the hospital bed next to his mum, holding her hand, whilst he has a flash back of the times in which we was a 'good' teenager. The times he had focused on education and how he got to where he is. So it is a flashback