The Self We Want to be.

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The Self We Want to be. by Mind Map: The Self We Want to be.

1. "one of the difference between our self-image in real life and online is more ability to 'Change Our Look' and also mask our identity" -The Psychology of the Selfie.

2. How we see our self? based on the mirror and photo. For me I see myself in the mirror as a simple human being and when I see my self through photos I look like conceited.


3.1. In the other side, being a teenager. I might say the factor blaming. Others might say you must do this but for me, there is a big question. Why Should I?

3.2. One of the Disease of the society is being Skepticism. Limiting one gender to other. In comparison, it maybe a factor of visual being of ourselves.

4. VIRTUAL REPRESENTATION expressing personal through dramatically images,

5. Internet Interaction is lessening face to face exploration. In this case as we all know. Social media is like a spreading virus. it makes us people a toy.

6. "REAL SELF" what you really are, not what others want you to be. "Be yourself" once you accept the real concept of being you. You are in the happiness stage of your life.

7. "IDEAL SELF" what other wants to be, not for your own self. accepting facts, rumors, saying that might help you to be a better person or the unknown self.