Poetry in School X

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Poetry in School X by Mind Map: Poetry in School X

1. CT lack of knowledge about teaching poetry.

1.1. LC hold a poetry teaching workshop for teachers.

1.1.1. http://performapoem.lgfl.org.uk/public/docs/Michael%20Rosen’s%20poetry%20workshop%20lesson%20plan.pdf

1.2. LC to provide teachers with opportunities to observe them teaching poetry to a class.

1.3. LC to provide CT with resources on teaching poetry.

1.3.1. Perform a poem http://performapoem.lgfl.org.uk/top10.aspx

2. CT lack of enjoyment of poetry and thus lack knowledge about poems for children

2.1. LC will provide CT with a variety of types of poems and ways of sourcing poems that they will enjoy exploring with their class.

2.1.1. Michael Rosen's resources http://www.childrenslaureate.org.uk/previous-laureates/michael-rosen/resources-to-download/

2.1.2. http://www.poetryarchive.org/teach

2.2. LC introduce a whole school initiative of 'poem of the week'. This will take the pressure off of class teachers in having to source poems and ensure children are experiencing a variety of poems.

3. Pupil access to poetry

3.1. LC introduce whole school initiative of 'poem of the week'. Ensuring all pupils are being exposed to a variety of poems at a variety of levels.

3.2. LC source donations of poetry books from parents and local organisations.

3.3. LC organise a local poet to visit the school and read poems to pupils. Introducing them to new poems and modelling performance poetry.

4. Pupil enjoyment of poetry

4.1. LC model enjoyment of reading.

4.2. As class teachers become more confident with teaching techniques and have a wider access to poems they will begin to enjoy poetry and thus model it to pupils.

4.3. LC organise a local poet visiting the school to model enjoyment of poetry.