Coyote Vintage

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Coyote Vintage by Mind Map: Coyote Vintage

1. Home

1.1. The home page has the store's logo and pictures of the shop on a slide show. Also has a short artistic video of the styling of the clothing, etc. Tabs displaying the other aspects of the website are at the top of the page.

1.1.1. I will use logos and photo editing software to create the logo for the store as well as edit the photos of the storefront. I will also use a QR on a flier to link customers to the home page of my site.

1.2. I will also add a button for my screen cast and place my business cards with QR code.

2. About

2.1. Gives a history of the owners and how they came about opening a business. Also gives overview of their vendors and how they come about finding unique clothing.

2.1.1. I will use an infograph to tell about our site and how we get out pieces. I will also make a video of a personal styling tips.

3. Follow Us

3.1. Gives links to the various social media accounts .

3.1.1. I will use pinterest and create some boards as well as an email address for contact.

4. Coyote Vintage is a locally owned vintage retailer. Offers found and collected pieces from around the world with unique stylings and an online store

5. Personal Styling

5.1. Will use a video and google form to make a quiz and allow people to set up a time for the appointment.

6. Contact

6.1. Will have contact form

6.2. References

6.3. Mind map