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S.C.A.M.P.E.R by Mind Map: S.C.A.M.P.E.R

1. Using materials that are durable such as hard woods and hard plastics means they can be re-used

2. Reverse

2.1. could the design be rearranged?

2.1.1. positioned horizintally to enable more space for more lockers

3. Substitute

3.1. Is there a simpler system?

3.1.1. Tote tray method

3.1.2. Sliding door

3.1.3. Storage space below the lockers

3.2. What could be replaced?

3.2.1. Types of materials used

3.3. What could be limited?

3.3.1. Types and access of materials

3.4. Is there a better alternative?

4. Combine

4.1. What else could be done?

4.1.1. New lock system on lockers

4.1.2. Locker dividers for better organisation

4.2. Can we merge two mechanisms?

4.2.1. Eg. Tote tray mechanism inside a locker

4.3. How can existing lockers be improved?

4.3.1. Better accessibility

4.3.2. Better visibility for the contents inside

4.3.3. Better safety, e.g. locker door

5. Modify

5.1. Modifying to meet disability needs

5.1.1. Tote tray system

5.2. How can lockers be modified? e.g. Materials

6. Adapt

6.1. What needs to change for better results?

6.1.1. Locker space

6.1.2. Locker accessibility

6.1.3. Safety of lockers

6.2. How can existing lockers be adjusted?

6.2.1. Smart locker dividers for better organisation

7. Put to another use

7.1. Can the materials be recycled?

8. Eliminate and Elaborate

8.1. What parts are not needed?

8.1.1. No pull door, maybe a sliding door instead

8.2. New materials to consider?

8.2.1. Durable