Internet and Web

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Internet and Web by Mind Map: Internet and Web

1. Web

1.1. Hypertext documents

1.1.1. Hyperlinks

1.2. Client-Server Relationship

1.2.1. Client Example of Client Application: Web Browser like Chrome Example: FTP (File Transfer Protocol

1.2.2. Server

1.2.3. Both servers and clients run on operating systems (Windows, OS X, Linux) Directories AKA Folders Simple Directory Structure

2. Internet


2.1.1. Packet Switching

2.1.2. TCP/IP TCP-Transmission Control Protocol IP-Internet Protocol

3. (Documents on the web are called "hypertext" documents.

4. Hypertext Documents contain hyper links--references to other documents

5. The client requests information and expects a response from the server. Without interaction with the server, the client is unable to fulfill its purpose.