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Mysophobia by Mind Map: Mysophobia

1. Causes

1.1. traumatic incident

1.1.1. protect from danger

1.2. hereditary or learnt behaviour

1.3. chemical imbalance

2. Understand

2.1. fear of germs and contamination

2.1.1. have little to do with health

2.2. obsessed with sanitation

2.2.1. compelled to do cleaning rituals anxious when unable to follow cleaning routine/habit fear of losing control relieve anxiety when routine is followed hard to change a closely-followed routine

2.2.2. act out on impulses

2.3. phobics know that their fear is irrational

2.4. usually start during childhood or adolescent

3. Symptoms

3.1. compulsive hand washing

3.2. excessive use of disinfectants

3.3. fear of contact with shared appliances

4. Scope / scale / difference

4.1. affect different people differently

4.2. minor quirk to general paranoia to extreme cleaning obsessions

5. Effects

5.1. fear of contamination

5.1.1. depression

5.1.2. anxiety sink sensor that beeps after 20 seconds of use

5.1.3. refusing to share personal items

5.1.4. avoidance of objects "full of germs" bracelet with hook which act as a "second hand" to avoid touching certain objects

5.1.5. avoidance of people and animals (physical contact) social isolation support group for mysophobes

5.2. a common phobia

5.3. excessive cleaning

5.3.1. exposure to harmful chemicals

5.3.2. dry hands moisturising oil that can also sanitise

5.3.3. health problems due to weakened immune systems

5.3.4. brittle nails nail polished infused with vitamin

5.3.5. time consuming habit

5.3.6. waste of toilet paper