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Fantasy Fiction by Mind Map: Fantasy Fiction

1. What is the Fantasy Genre?

1.1. This page details elements of the Fantasy genre and important aspects that make it an important genre.

1.1.1. Google Forum: There will be a google forum on this page that will be a survey about how well people know or have read of the fantasy genre.

2. Fantasy Classics

2.1. This will be a page about the most famous and well-know fantasy books and stories.

2.1.1. Animation: There will be animations on this site that relate to the famous fantasy books.

3. Fantasy Book List

3.1. This will be a list of newer or less know fantasy books that I recommend.

3.1.1. Infographics: These will give information about the books on the list.

4. Tagline: A new world every time you turn the page.

5. Build Your Own World

5.1. Gives ideas about how to start writing your own fantasy novel and how to make up your own new and fascinating world.

5.1.1. Videos: Youtube videos will be used to demonstrate what other people have said about how to write Fantasy Fiction

6. Resource page

7. Home

7.1. The Home page gives a general description of the Fantasy genre and why is is important for people of all ages.

7.1.1. Screen Cast Presentation: This will be provided on the about page to help navigate the website.

7.1.2. Digital Editing and Logos: I will use digital photo editing and logos on this page an a way to draw in viewer of the website by making the home page aesthetically appealing.

8. About

8.1. The About page will state the reason for the site and a bit more about me, as the creator.

8.1.1. App Prototype: this will be included on this page with the introduction of the main purpose of the website.

9. Contact

9.1. On this page I will include methods to contact me and connections to social media.

9.1.1. Social Media: I will use the technlogy of social media connections on this page

9.1.2. QR Codes: this will be included in this page to give more options to connect to the website

9.2. Strategic Planning

9.3. Reference