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Moon and Soap by Mind Map: Moon and Soap

1. Home page

1.1. Brief overview with eye catching information that will bring people in

1.1.1. Logo: will create a logo design

1.1.2. Social media link?

2. About

2.1. what the website is for/ why soaping is a stress relief and fun project

2.1.1. QR: code location that will be like a flyer that can be spread via internet and flyers around town at local soaping businesses possibly

2.1.2. Info graphic: include why relaxing soap and basic information about benefits of why soap

2.1.3. Screen cast: how to operate website and the benefits of relaxing with a creative outlet

3. Contact page

3.1. contact page will have general information about how and where to contact for questions

3.1.1. social media info as well as contact email for questions

3.1.2. App prototype information/ link?

4. M&P fun

4.1. Details about melt and pour soaping and why its "fun" and stress relief

4.1.1. Video Project: create a video about the easy steps of m&p soaping

4.1.2. Photo editing: upload and edit photos of soap that have been made using the M&P method

5. "blog Area"

5.1. posts about my personal experiance with M&P soap and why i started it

5.1.1. google form: ask visitors if they have tried soaping before visiting website

6. Tagline: "Mystical soaping for relaxing the mind"