Healthcare Information Technologies

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Healthcare Information Technologies by Mind Map: Healthcare Information Technologies

1. Electronic Health Records

1.1. A provider showing meaningful use can be reimbursed for use

1.2. Allows Hospitals/physicians offices to track patient care from one location to another

2. Telehealth Tools

2.1. Cuts down on acute-care admissions

2.2. Bidirectional video feed

2.3. Ability to help patients immediately

2.4. Ability to help patients remotely

3. Mobile Health

3.1. Check healthcare progress on the go

3.2. Allows implimentation of wireless technology

3.2.1. WI-FI scales

3.2.2. Wireless blood pressure mount

3.2.3. Take an EKG and transfer it through cell phone

4. Self-Service kiosks

4.1. Expedites Registration

4.2. Asissts patients with co-pays/signing paperwork

4.3. Available tablets for bedside use

5. Wearable technology

5.1. Alert Dr's to falls

5.2. Track O2

5.3. Track Heart Rate