Health Information Technology

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Health Information Technology by Mind Map: Health Information Technology

1. Electronic Health Records

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. track referrals/test results

1.1.2. reduce error

1.1.3. increase accuracy/efficiency

1.2. Departments

1.2.1. Medical Assistant schedule appts input patient data

1.2.2. Billing & Coding update diagnostic codes submit medical claims

2. Computerized Physician Order Entry

2.1. Purpose

2.1.1. reduces transcription errors

2.1.2. saves time in distributing and completing orders

2.1.3. simplifies inventory management and billing

2.2. Departments

2.2.1. Nursing ensure patient receives correct dosage

2.2.2. Pharmacy dispense correct quantity + form check for drug interactions + allegies

2.2.3. Physician electronically orders tests, procedures, consults, etc.

3. Telemedicine

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. advanced diagnostic methods

3.1.2. supports in-home care

3.1.3. allows transmission of medical data

3.2. Departments

3.2.1. Physical Therapy remote patient monitoring assess patient needs from a distance render services over audio or video

3.2.2. Pharmacy drug therapy monitoring authorize prescription drug refills

4. Medical Transciption

4.1. Purpose

4.1.1. puts patient care into written text format

4.1.2. creates electronic files with treatment history

4.2. Departments

4.2.1. Medical Transcriptionist transcribe the oral dictation

4.2.2. Physician dictate services after performing procedure on patient