Essentials (essential oils)

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Essentials (essential oils) by Mind Map: Essentials (essential oils)

1. About

1.1. On this page I will include a description of the brands of oils we sell, and also our mission to use oils to enhance life and cure without using medicine. I will also talk about myself and how essential oils have benefitted me so the visitors can relate and feel comfortable about who they are buying from

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing- I will edit photos of oils so visitors instantly see how cool the oils can look and therefore they are more intrigued to look further at the site

1.1.2. I will include the logo on all pages of my website

1.1.3. Graphic Design and QR Codes- Link any design/ poster that I make for my website on this page

2. Contact/ Where to find oils

2.1. This page will include my contact information and the contact information of my stores that you can buy the oils from. This page is convenient to visitors because they don't have to search the internet on where to buy the product

2.1.1. I will use the social media technology to link an Essentials Instagram/ Facebook/ Snapchat

2.1.2. I will include information on the App Prototype that I create for Essentials

3. Uses

3.1. This page will explain the various ways you can use the oils, which will make the visitor want to buy more essential oil

3.1.1. Infographics to show how many people use each type of oil and their favorite uses (most popular oil)

3.1.2. Google Form to poll on visitor's favorite oils

4. Recipes

4.1. This page will include recipes of the oil (i.e. 2 drops of lavender helps calm) so visitors can get ideas on how to use them

4.1.1. Potential Screencast video showing the creation of certain recipes

5. Cool Gadgets

5.1. This page will show the cool things visitors can purchase along with oils (i.e. diffusers)

5.1.1. Video of the diffusers working

6. Tagline: Essential to living a better life