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Flower Child by Mind Map: Flower Child

1. About

1.1. The About page will give a short intro on what our website is all about, how we can help kids grow and expand their learning opportunities, and give a short background on us.

1.1.1. logo

1.1.2. Short video: I will present a short video showing everyone what the purpose of Flower Child is and how it affects kids, parents, and teachers lives

1.1.3. Intro About Me Video: A short video about me showing why I am passionate about this website

1.1.4. Graphic Design: showing poster teachers can and to their students parents about our website

1.1.5. Infographics: information and stats showing the literacy rate of children in the US and stats on children's educational performance today

2. Resources

2.1. The Resources page will feature some of the websites and other features that can be used to help your student or child grow in their education.

2.1.1. Tutoring Websites

2.1.2. Counseling for Children and Parents

2.2. App: an app including everything o our website just at more convenience

2.3. Social Media

3. Tips and Tricks for Teachers

3.1. This tab will feature tips and tricks for teachers to help promote more learning in a fun way in their classroom.

3.1.1. Interactive Videos: links to helpful and fun games and videos that children can be hands-on with

3.1.2. Logo

4. Tips and Tricks for Parents

4.1. This tab will feature tips and tricks for parents to encourage children of all ages to further their education and improve in all areas. It will have things such as learning tools for young ages and will also feature tools to help older kids in all subject areas.

4.1.1. Links and Games: I will provide links and games for children to play electronically so they can learn as they play

4.1.2. Logo

5. Current Events

5.1. This tab will feature activities you can do with your child/student during a certain time of the year such as summer breaks and/or the end of the school year when final tests roll around.

5.1.1. Links to Current Events happening in your city: The user may type in their zip code and it will display all the current events happening where they live at a certain time of the year

5.1.2. logo

6. Tag Line: Helping kids, parents, ad teachers give opportunities to our youth to grow in education