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Basketball 24/7 by Mind Map: Basketball 24/7

1. This page will offer the details that will help children grow into mature young adults by attending community service projects. This page will contain a vast amount of links with descriptions of community services near by.

1.1. Social Media: I will post on my blog about times/ dates the community services will be held that the organization will be involved in so every one will feel free to attend.

2. Contact

2.1. This page will contain basic and easy to read information about the founder (Short biography/ why they decided to make the organization) Access to answer any questions that the person may want to ask.

2.2. App prototype: The app will have a friendly user link so the user can register for tournaments, and receive updates of upcoming events

3. Stories to tell

3.1. This page will contain the stories of the staff and the young adolescent's in the organization. This page will be filled with heart warming stories they want to share with the community (Tips, ideas, the impact basketball 24/7 has had on their life)

3.1.1. Social Media: I will blog about the new stories that have been shared at the organization. I want the world to know how an organization can impacts a person life positively.

4. Getting Involved

5. Basketball 24/7 tagline:

6. Basketball 24/7 Tagline: This is home, we are a family, we stand as one and we shall be one.

7. Home

7.1. This page will contain information about my website. The point of this page is to grab the readers attention.

7.1.1. Photo editing app: I will use a photo editing app on my laptop to edit the pictures and the logo that I will be using on each page. Logo: I will create a unique logo (my own logo) to place on each page on the site

8. About

8.1. This page will contain information about what "Basketball 24/7" is and the founders of the organization. This page will also contain the goal the founders are trying to reach within the organization.

8.1.1. Graphic Design: I will post flyers around to promote the organization. I will make sure the flyers are easy to read and have color to really attract the attention of the people.