Teachers for the Safety and Well Being of Students

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Teachers for the Safety and Well Being of Students by Mind Map: Teachers for the Safety  and Well Being of Students

1. Home

1.1. Home gives a brief overview of everything that is important to the organization. News and current events will be displayed and will offer links to the rest of the site

1.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: I will utilize this to create a logo for the site as well as to create photos that will portray the idea of what the site offers

1.1.2. Video or Animations will be used as a basic introduction to the website to help bring interest to the website

1.1.3. A Social Media Page will be created that can be used to show our purpose and events that will link back to the site and can be linked to as well

2. About

2.1. The about tab will answer questions about the founding of the organization as well as its history and accomplishments

2.1.1. Graphic Design/QR Code: This will help to quickly get out information and be used to create posters and flyers that can be distributed

3. Contact

3.1. This page will give basic information on how to get in contact with the organization in order to answer question

3.2. Reference Page

4. Events

4.1. Events that the organization puts on will be orchestrated with the various schools and districts that are with the organization

4.1.1. App Prototype will be used to distribute information and to plan events in order to stream line the distribution process

5. Our Purpose

5.1. The goals and achievements of the organizations will be displayed here, in order to explain to people the ideals behind us

5.1.1. Infographics: These will be used to show the progress and effects that the organization has had and the way that it has helped others

6. Sign Up

6.1. Sign up to receive newsletters, donate to the organization, or to become a part of Teachers for the Safety and Well Being of Students

6.1.1. Google Forms: These will be used to create forms to help people sign up and to distribute forms and take surveys

7. Making the world a better place, one student at a time

8. Screencast: The final project will focus on the overview of the site and discuss the progress that has been made through the class

9. Stories

9.1. This page will allow teachers, parents, and students to share stories about how to organization has positively impacted their lives

10. Resource

10.1. This page will show information involving copyright and sources