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Vegans In Arizona by Mind Map: Vegans In Arizona

1. About

1.1. The About page will include basic information about me and why I decided to create this website. I will also include the purpose of Vegans In Arizona and a brief description of the different resources it will provide.

1.1.1. Logo: I will design a logo that will be present on all of my website tabs

1.1.2. Graphic Design/QR Codes: I will create small flyers for my website and distribute them across Tempe campus

1.1.3. Social Media: Twitter, include new recipes or restaurants in the area in order to keep the viewers updated.

2. Home

2.1. The Home page will include a general overview of what Vegans In Arizona is about, as well as the most recent and interesting posts.

2.1.1. Logo: I will design a logo and include it in each tab

2.1.2. Infographics: Different visuals of what is offered in the website and links to certain posts

3. Vegan Recipes/Menu

3.1. The Vegan Recipes page will provide different vegan recipes that can be easily prepared at home.

3.1.1. Logo: I will design a logo and include it in each tab

3.1.2. Photo Editing: I will edit photos of vegan recipes or take my own in order to post on the website.

4. Why Should You Go Vegan?

4.1. The Why Should You Go Vegan page will talk about the many benefits that come with having a plant-based diet.

4.1.1. Video/Animation: I will design an animated video with a short humorous skit which will describe some of the benefits of being vegan.

4.1.2. Logo: I will design a logo and include it in each tab

5. Vegan Restaurants Near Me

5.1. The Vegan Restaurants Near Me page will provide a list of the different restaurants in Arizona that specifically cater plant-based meals.

5.1.1. Logo: I will design a logo and include it in each tab

5.1.2. App Prototype: Design an integrated app that will track specific vegan restaurants near you, using GPS.

6. Vegan Fast-Food Options

6.1. The Vegan Fast-Food Options page will provide different vegan options that we can find at local fast food restaurants. I want to dispel the misconception that being vegan is expensive and difficult to accommodate in our daily lives.

6.1.1. Logo: I will design a logo and include it in each tab

7. Share Your Experience

7.1. The Share Your Experience page will provide the opportunity to viewers to give feedback about the website and share their personal journey/experiences with veganism.

7.1.1. Dreamweaver CS: I will create a forum where viewers can post independently to the website

7.1.2. Logo: I will design a logo for my website which will be a part of all the tabs (probably on the upper-right corner)

7.1.3. Google Form: Initial survey to see if the viewers are enjoying the website (also offer recommendations)

8. It's not a temporary diet. It's a lifestyle change towards a healthier you.