Alternative Solutions for Elders with Parkinson's in Jakarta

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Alternative Solutions for Elders with Parkinson's in Jakarta by Mind Map: Alternative Solutions for Elders with Parkinson's in Jakarta

1. One Last Wish

1.1. Giving elders the opportunity to fulfill their last wishes before they die.

1.2. Ask each and everyone of them what they want to do. More like a final destination as their last request

1.2.1. Where they like to go?

1.2.2. Who they want to meet?

2. Robots Are The Best Servants

2.1. Invent a robot like human.

2.2. Instead of being alone all the time, a robot can be an investment for a solution to help the elders perform in many ways such as service, a friend, or for entertainment purposes.

2.2.1. Times where it is hard for elders who can't move/work or just too lazy to do anything can be helped by the robot

2.2.2. The robots can be their reminder (drink medicine, time to eat/ shower, sleep)

3. Sharing is Caring

3.1. Encourage a care group- to motivate and build their stamina.

3.2. Make a creative program twice a week, where elders are welcome to join by sharing, communicating, build relationship and just have fun and learn from other people.

3.2.1. Talk about their issue and why did they choose to come and take part

3.2.2. Together they can help each other out and overcome their fears

3.2.3. Easy access in case they need a friend to talk too (because most of the participants can relate or understand other people's situation and what they are going through).

4. Spend Every Energy Left

4.1. Plan frequent activities to keep them energize and less miserable.

4.2. Initiate a planned activity (like sports and games, problem-solving) to help develop the brain to function again. This idea can improve and train the mind to process information and coming up with different strategies.

4.2.1. Board Games (Chess, Mix Match, Puzzles)

4.2.2. Arts & Crafts

4.2.3. Dancing, Aerobics, Yoga

4.2.4. Online games (

5. Click and Play

5.1. Create a mobile APP just for old people.

5.2. Provide an application for elders that are suffering from common mental illnesses. The App contains reminders keep track of their activity and schedule, also a memory journal for those suffering from Alzheimer's along with fun activity to keep them accompanied.

5.2.1. Daily Journal + Target/ Goal

5.2.2. Intakes and Consumtions

5.2.3. Future Planning and Wish lists

5.2.4. Record book of emotions and feelings