Reference Services

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Reference Services by Mind Map: Reference Services

1. Resources Service

1.1. Books

1.1.1. OPAC Found D.D. Link to Source Location Map Not found ILL Book Recommendations

1.2. Articles

1.2.1. WorldCat Found Link to Source Not found WorldShare

1.3. Other Databases

1.3.1. Link to e-Databases

1.3.2. Link to CMUL e-Books

1.3.3. Link to NTIC

1.3.4. Link to CMU Scholarly

1.3.5. Link to Digital Heritage

1.3.6. Link to CMU e-Theses

1.3.7. Link to CMU e-Research

1.4. Check Holding

1.4.1. Show items list

1.5. Renew

1.5.1. Link to Renew Online

1.6. New Material

1.6.1. Connect to Media Store API

2. Researcher Support

2.1. CMU Researcher Information

2.1.1. Link to CMU Researcher List

2.1.2. Select Faculty Show Faculty Researcher List

2.2. Journals Seeking

2.2.1. Seek by Journal Subject List (Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Business, etc.) Show Journals List

2.2.2. Seek by SJR / IF Range Show Journals List

2.3. e-Databases Information

2.3.1. Database Categories List (Reference Database, e-Journal, e-Books, etc.) Show Databases List

2.4. Research Statistics

2.4.1. Link to inCites

2.5. Publish Guide

2.5.1. Link to CMUL Journal Selector

3. Library Information

3.1. Library Contact

3.1.1. Reference Contact Phone number Leave message

3.1.2. Other Contact Link to Phone number Website

3.2. Faculty Library

3.2.1. Link to Faculty Library Websites

3.3. Main Library

3.3.1. Services Area 1st Floor Plan Circulation OPAC Printing Service Asian Corner ITSC Corner Training Room 2nd Floor Plan Online Database Room Group Study Room Individual Study Room Printing Service OPAC 3rd Floor Plan AV Service Prof.Sukich Rooms Mini Theater Room OPAC 4th Floor Plan Northern Collection Notebook Room OPAC Training Room

3.4. Library Hour

3.5. Library Activities

3.5.1. Link to ActDB