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zoho books by Mind Map: zoho books

1. cons

1.1. no sample data to play with

1.1.1. requires you, the tester, to create data for testing their tool DO NOT be tempted to put in your own data it is a sales trick to get you to feel remorse after committing so much time to entering your data and afterwards deciding you don't want to go somewhere else BECAUSE you have INVESTED so much time in Zoho Books.

1.2. no Zoho CRM linkage

1.3. no set up wizards

1.3.1. logo to invoice

1.3.2. prompt to load contacts via XLS or Zoho Sheet

1.3.3. no currency exchange widgets you have to go get them yourself

1.4. no tutorials

1.5. no help docs

2. pros

3. tips

3.1. you have to change an invoice from draft to open for it to appear in your 'money in'