Types of religious language

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Types of religious language by Mind Map: Types of religious language

1. Religious concept

1.1. i.e. Heaven, Hell, Sin, Sacrifice

1.2. Problems

1.2.1. Exclusive, as the idea of integration is limited, you may not be able to understand if you are not apart of it.

1.2.2. Although different religious people may use these terms they could be referring to different thing If we all have a different understanding of the words then they are pointless. Have different understanding as concepts are metaphysical. i.e. Sin, although in this world cannot be proven as something physical.

2. Religious practices

2.1. i.e. Communion, Baptism, confession

2.2. Problems

2.2.1. Language used around them is too metaphorical One of biggest problems between catholic and methodist churches in Communion, what does it mean to have blood and body of christ. (Cannibolism) Very exclusive, as may not understand it

3. Moral Statement

3.1. i.e. Thou shall not commit adultery

3.2. Problems

3.2.1. People don't necessarily following them They could be outdated or too difficult. Preventing salvation

3.2.2. You don't need belief in God to be a moral individual. Euthyphro Dilemma: You know its wrong to lie because God says so, as an atheist is it not wrong to lie because you don't believe in God. Blind faith, just doing it with no substance Showing God like a dictator, it if it all down to what God said then its messy ethics.

3.2.3. Not as blank or white as they seem

3.2.4. Meaningless to say something is right, what does it actually mean

4. Statements about God

4.1. i.e. God is all loving

4.2. Problems

4.2.1. God is ineffable; cannot be defined

4.2.2. All statements about God are potentially blasphemous, as you are using same words fro humans and God

4.2.3. We all have different understandings of God, we all mean different things when using the word God.

4.2.4. Too personal to be described generally, i.e. God is father. Goes against the whole point of community and religion as no one can agree about it.