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Zibal-T App by Mind Map: Zibal-T App

1. Resources

1.1. Utilize Dr Leila Iskander's network

1.2. Recruitment of Trash collectors/ aka Zabaleen through NGO Spirit of Youth (SOY).

1.3. Residents of Zamalek

1.4. residents of poor communities that don't have access to Solid Waste Management (SWM) frequent services

1.5. Learn about what incentivizes other stakeholders like Lafarge.

2. Short-term goals

2.1. Users of APP

2.1.1. Increase number of users of app among residents

2.1.2. Increase number of users of app among Zabaleen communities

3. Long-term goals

3.1. Increase level of involvment of the Zabaleen in the SWM system of Cairo

3.2. Community cohesion amongst Zabaleen through platform membership

3.3. Establish a means to generate sustainable income for the Zabaleen

3.4. Increased Recycling Rates amongst Resident

4. Activities

4.1. Provide technical support to pilot study residents

4.2. Provide technical assistance and support to Zabaleen

4.3. Build relationships with other Zabaleen communities

4.4. Build relationships with residents

5. Mid-term goals

5.1. Platform

5.1.1. Build and strengthen collaboration through relationship building of Zabaleen and Resident users to support SWM

5.1.2. Increase awareness of and commitment to Zibal-T App and its sustainability