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Ammonia by Mind Map: Ammonia

1. is produced by

1.1. the Haber Process

1.1.1. maximum production requires 450 degrees centigrade 200 atm iron catalyst

1.1.2. was discovered in 1913 by Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch

1.1.3. is a reversible reaction

1.1.4. allows cheap and large-scale ammonia production

1.1.5. N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3

1.1.6. uses Le Chatelier's Principle When any system at equilibrium is subjected to change in concentration, temperature, volume, or pressure, then the system readjusts itself to (partially) counteract the effect of the applied change and a new equilibrium is established. is Increasing pressure encourages compressing reaction to happen (e.g. N2 + 3H2 -> 2NH3 )

1.1.7. is widely used today in ammonia production

2. Properties

2.1. colourless

2.2. distinctive smell

2.3. less dense than air

2.4. very soluble in water to give an alkaline solution

3. Used in

3.1. Fertilisers

3.2. Explosives

4. is made of

4.1. Nitrogen

4.2. Hydrogen