Ideas to help faciliateTime Management

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Ideas to help faciliateTime Management by Mind Map: Ideas to help faciliateTime Management

1. School (Athletic Therapy)

1.1. Classes

1.2. Labatory classes

1.3. Guest speakers

2. Studying

2.1. Assignments

2.2. Exams/tests

2.3. Readings

3. Work

3.1. class time changes

3.2. working enough hours to maintain job

3.3. time you can't do homework

4. Finanical

4.1. cost of school

4.2. cost of housing

4.3. cost of transportation

4.4. Cost of groceries

5. Talk to friends/classmates

5.1. see how they organize time

5.2. go out with friends to clear your mind so you can focus

5.3. make a schedule together

6. Create to do list

6.1. do whats more time sensitive first

6.2. different way to look at things

6.3. scratch things of the list as you complete them gives you the feeling of achievement

7. Create a daily plan every morning before you start your day

8. Take away distractions

8.1. social media

8.2. texting

8.3. Netflix

9. Family

9.1. living away from family for school

9.2. finding time to go visit family is challenging

9.3. miss out of family outings, holidays and birthdays