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Siren Scraps by Mind Map: Siren Scraps

1. Home

1.1. title of company

1.1.1. more of a visual page to get attention rather than a functional page

2. Shop

2.1. this tab will have the merchandise

2.2. it will have pictures and prices of the clothes

3. About

3.1. edgy t-shirt designs and outerwear company

3.1.1. funny, edgy, satirical designs

3.1.2. mainly text-based designs

3.2. I couldn't find the style of shirts I wanted, so I decided to create a business of my own

3.3. SS also does custom designs for any occassion

3.4. name meant to imply its the old clothes of mermaids

4. Contact

4.1. my contact information

4.1.1. just email

4.2. a contact form

5. Resources

5.1. inspiration behind clothes

5.2. reviews of products

5.2.1. short quotes that describe service and satisfaction with product

5.3. link to etsy

6. Services

6.1. custom t-shirts for any occassion

6.2. edgy t-shirt designs for the young and the young at heart alike

6.2.1. possible moto?