Year End Passion Project Event

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Year End Passion Project Event by Mind Map: Year End Passion Project Event

1. Students

2. Get permission to have at high school

3. create a presentation for the meeting

4. Gift bags

4.1. Keynote speaker

4.1.1. Thank you card

4.1.2. Candy

4.2. Students presenting

4.2.1. Candy

4.2.2. Pencil

4.2.3. Thank you card

5. Name Ideas

5.1. Pursuing passions

5.2. BermX

6. Food

6.1. Drinks- water, iced tea

6.2. Someone doing a project on baking volunteers to bake. (Vivian)

7. Technology Needed

7.1. Projector

7.2. Microphones

8. Things to create

8.1. Schedule of events

8.2. Invitations

8.3. brochettes

8.4. Lanyards for presenters and organizers

9. Length of Event

9.1. Full school day

9.2. School day+rehearsal

10. Keynote Speaker Ideas

10.1. Robert J. Blake

11. Whom to invite?

11.1. School board

11.2. Parents of students

11.3. 8th grade for Robert

11.4. Guest speaker

12. Why

12.1. We want to help people pursue their passions and speak their minds.

12.2. I would like to learn more about planning events.

12.3. Steven Covey

13. Budget?

13.1. *we could maybe have a fundraiser to raise the money

14. Location

15. Create a timeline for yourselves and students

16. Create a rubric for students to be selected before they start

17. How to give students more opportunity to share and become comfortable with it.

17.1. At lunch

17.2. Talk to teachers at planning

17.3. During resource time

17.4. School Board meeting Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

17.4.1. set up meeting with Dr. Hunt to ask about questions board might ask

17.4.2. Nick Wool - contact person for event planning

18. How to Market - to build excitement

18.1. Eagle Eye News

18.2. Posters

18.3. Trailers

18.4. Ask staff to create a 5 minute talk

19. Create a detailed schedule from start to finish (Wednesday) End in mind