Universal Music Group (UMG)

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Universal Music Group (UMG) by Mind Map: Universal Music Group (UMG)

1. Business Affairs

1.1. -Financial forecasting & annual planning

1.2. -Determine pricing for all releases

1.3. -Enhance & modify databases as needed

1.4. -Oversee compliance with all legal obligations

1.5. -Manages/ Handles claims & litigation for UMG

2. Legal Department

2.1. -Negotiate contracts

2.2. -Analysis of contracts

2.3. -Learn local music laws

2.4. -Provide legal support for the label

2.5. -Provide legal support for the artists

3. A&R/Artist Development Department

3.1. -Coordinate meetings, conferences, and daily scheduling

3.2. -Process travel expenses & make reservations

3.3. -Request & manage legal paperwork regarding content

3.4. -Work hand in hand with managers & administrations

3.5. -Set up venues & attend venues to help with marketing

4. Marketing/Publicity Department

4.1. -Work with head of international marketing

4.2. -Manage marketing budget

4.3. -Event planning

4.4. -Help create video content

4.5. -Plan for media advertising

5. Licensing

5.1. -Process licensing receipts

5.2. -Process adjustments to the royalty system

5.3. -Input data into the system & link contacts

5.4. -Insure compliance with UMG contracts

5.5. -Organize data using Microsoft Excel

6. New Media Department

6.1. -Build relationships with advertising partners

6.2. -Evaluate new types of media

6.3. -Test & support new advertising for labels

6.4. -Evaluate & create new campaign strategies

6.5. -Work with agencies & create reports