University Parking

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University Parking by Mind Map: University Parking


1.1. Poor website

1.1.1. Not user friendly

1.1.2. Hard to find information

1.2. Poor phone service

1.2.1. Absence of Call Center

1.2.2. Absence of automated phone system

1.3. Absence of Customer Service Program

1.3.1. Example of a Parking Company Customer Service Program


2.1. Vast amount of "inventory"

2.1.1. Over 8,000 parking stalls

2.2. Lack of competition

2.2.1. No other parking garages in the area

2.2.2. Only parking option for those on Campus

2.3. Modern computer systems

2.3.1. Easy to pay for parking

2.3.2. Payment enforcement efficiency

2.3.3. No need for customers to display permit on vehicle

2.4. Gateless operation

2.4.1. Digital permits


3.1. Deficient public transportation makes appealing for users to drive to campus

3.1.1. Price increase

3.2. Demand for mobile technologies

3.2.1. Payment Apps

3.2.2. Parking Apps

3.3. Add value to product

3.3.1. Creation of Customer Service Program


4.1. Car Shares: Car2Go, Modo, Evo

4.1.1. Customers don`t pay for parking

4.2. Self-driving cars

4.2.1. Lack of drop off areas on Campus

4.3. Inventory Reduction

4.3.1. Some parkades may be repurposed to give space to new buildings

4.4. Skytrain public transportation development

4.4.1. In 20 years or more



6.1. B2B Development

6.1.1. Charge Car Shares for parking

6.2. Campus and parkade replanning

6.2.1. Add more stalls to the buildings

6.2.2. Reduce size of stalls

6.2.3. Create more drop off areas

6.3. New Mobile technologies

6.3.1. Allow users to reserve parking stalls prior to arrival

6.3.2. Parking Occupancy display

6.4. Creation of Customer Service Program

6.4.1. Social Media initiatives

6.4.2. Call Center

6.5. Website development

7. Blue Ocean

7.1. Capture new demand