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Electric power system by Mind Map: Electric power system

1. Power Generation

2. Transmission

3. Distribution

3.1. Distribution System Components

3.1.1. Substation Voltage 6.6KV 3.3KV

3.1.2. Local Distribution System Voltage 400V 230V

3.1.3. Feeders

3.1.4. Distributors

3.1.5. Service mains

3.2. Classification of power distribution

3.2.1. Radial System Components Between Transmission substation and distribution substation

3.2.2. Ring mains Sustem Used small industrial loads and medium or large commercial building Normally used for urban distribution

3.3. Substation and its classification

3.3.1. Outdoor substation Normally 33KV and above

3.3.2. Indoor substation Between 3.3KV to 11KV