Structures and Forces

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Structures and Forces by Mind Map: Structures and Forces

1. Centre Of Gravity

2. Types of Structures

2.1. The area of an object where the gravity is focused in order to balance an object.

2.1.1. CN Tower

2.1.2. Human

2.2. Combination/Mixed Structures

2.2.1. A structure that include two or more types of structures. Car House

2.3. Shell Structure

2.3.1. A structure that is hollow all the way through. Egg Glass

2.4. Solid Structure

2.4.1. A structure that holds mass throughout the inside. Batteries Ice

2.5. Frame Structure

2.5.1. A frame structure is able to support other materials or masses on itself. Music Stand Desk/Table

3. Types of Loads

3.1. Live Load

3.1.1. Various movable weights acting on a dead load A truck on a bridge Food on a table

3.2. Dead Load

3.2.1. Structures that need to withstand their own weight and other types of loads. Wind Turbines planted into the ground Bridges

3.3. Dynamic Load

3.3.1. A movable force that acts on live and dead loads. Can affect a dead load overtime. Impact of the force may vary Tornados/Wind Snow

4. Forces

4.1. Internal Forces

4.1.1. Compression A force that applies pressure to an element of an object. CPR Pushing A Button

4.1.2. Tension The force when someone/something is pulling on an object causing it to stretch out. Pulling an Elastic Band Stretching

4.1.3. Torsion The force when something is being twisted. Twisting a towel Inserting a screw

4.1.4. Shear The force when someone or something is bending another object. Tearing a piece of paper Bending a straw

4.2. External Forces

4.2.1. Gravity A force that weighs objects down an object. Apple falling from a tree Jumping up and down

4.2.2. Wind A Natural blowing force Wind blowing a tree Hurricane

4.2.3. Push When you apply pressure to an object by compressing it. Pushing a door Pushing a shopping cart

4.2.4. Pull To stretch or to move something by applying tension or torsion. Pulling a door open Towing a car