Bb Course Report Types

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Bb Course Report Types by Mind Map: Bb Course Report Types

1. All User Activity Inside Content Area

1.1. Summary of all user activity inside Content Areas

1.2. Used to determine

1.2.1. which students are active

1.2.2. which content areas are being used

2. Course Activity Overview

2.1. Total average time user spent

2.2. Sorted by

2.2.1. Date

2.2.2. Student

2.3. Total amount of activity user had in course

2.4. Access individual students records

2.5. Used to determine

2.5.1. which day of the week students are active in the course

2.5.2. how much time overall students spend in the course

3. Course Coverage Report

4. Course Performance

5. Overall Summary of User Activity

6. Single Course User Participation Report

7. Student Overview for Single Course

8. User Activity in Forums

9. User Activity in Groups