Softball And Baseball

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Softball And Baseball by Mind Map: Softball And Baseball

1. Baseball technique

1.1. Why do you have to use a specific bat for baseball?

1.2. Why can you lead off before the ball is pitched?

2. Baseball Pitching

2.1. Is it easy to pitch over hand than underhand?

2.2. Do baseball pitchers have to work harder than softball pitchers?

3. Softball technique

3.1. You have to use a specific bat.

3.2. You cant lead off the bases until the ball is pitched.

4. Softball pitching

4.1. Is it harder to pitch underhand than overhand?

4.2. I think softball pitchers have to work harder than baseball pitchers.

5. Baseball Clothing

5.1. Why do they wear long pants instead of short ones like softball?

5.2. Why does baseball players will helmets without straps?

5.3. Can they wear the same cleats? Or is there a different cleat baseball and softball should get separate?

6. Softball Clothing

6.1. Does the style of pants you wear matter?