Federalist 10

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Federalist 10 by Mind Map: Federalist 10

1. "Republican Principle"

1.1. It can control the effects of a minority faction because a majority vote will cancel out whatever the minority wanted

1.2. In a majority faction, it does not work as well. Their voting power is bigger and they may make a decision that is against the greater good and base it solely off of what they want.

2. Republic

2.1. An extensive republic with more factions is better because the probability of a competent representative is better. Also, a corrupt delegate can't easily bribe his way into office and make decisions that favor him.

2.2. Proposed by the Constitution

2.2.1. It is diverse enough to prevent faction but has enough commonality to maintain cohesion between the states.

2.2.2. Madison regards it as well suited to control the effects of faction because the interests, passions, and opinions can be so spread out to ensure that the factions are limited in numbers.

2.2.3. It is a remedy for the diseases most incident to republican government because it eliminates the possibility of overbearing factions taking over.

3. Faction

3.1. Definition- "a number of citizens who are united and actuated by some common of passion or of interest adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the permanent and aggregate interests of the community".

3.1.1. Passion-a very strong feeling about a person or thing Examples; science, medicine

3.1.2. Interests- wanting to know or learn about something or someone Examples; James Madison, Constitution

3.1.3. Opinions- wanting to know or learn about something or someone Examples; the best from of government is a republic, history is constantly repeated

3.2. Two methods of solving the problems of factions

3.2.1. Removing its causes Two methods of removing the causes of factions Destroy the liberty which is essential to its existence Give every citizen the same opinion, the same passions, and the same interests

3.2.2. Controlling its effects Not possible in a democracy Possible in a republic form of government (what Madison wanted)

3.3. Madison believes that the most common and durable cause of factions is the unequal distribution of property.

3.3.1. This is not prevalent today. Instead, it is the unequal distribution of wealth.

3.4. Majority Faction

3.4.1. This is a serious problem for popular government because the faction may try to take control of them and disregard the smaller faction's wishes.