GoPro SWOT Analysis

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GoPro SWOT Analysis by Mind Map: GoPro SWOT Analysis

1. Opportunities

1.1. Global Disruptive Inflences

1.1.1. Aging Demographic Medical applications (Flying defibrillators)

1.1.2. US Political Changes Military & Police Budgets Increase

1.1.3. Emerging Markets Rising middle class More people with Heart Disease

1.2. Multi product opportunities

1.2.1. Software Social Media Integration FaceBook Live SnapChat Instagram

1.2.2. Flight training for License

1.2.3. Segmented Market Consumer Drones Cameras Military / Police

1.3. Partnering

1.3.1. Nikkon "GoPro Enabled"

1.3.2. Android


2. Strengths

2.1. Powerful Brand

2.1.1. Robust, Elite Sports - The 'First'

2.1.2. Proven track record for rapid growth

2.2. Positive reception at CES in January 2017

2.3. Strong online awareness

2.3.1. The hours of GoPro-related content watched on YouTube in 2016 increased 86% year-over-year to approximately 78 million hours.

3. Threats

3.1. Competitors can undercut prices by 60%

3.1.1. Losing Market Share

3.2. Flight Safety Regulation

3.2.1. Drone must be in eye-sight

3.2.2. Cannot fly without a liscence for commercial use

4. Weaknesses

4.1. Big losses have depleted R&D spend

4.1.1. Retailers not willing to hold large amounts of Inventory

4.1.2. Net loss of $116 million

4.1.3. Company still predicts only $190 million to $210 million in first quarter revenue, far short of the $268 million that analysts expect.

4.2. Delivery Track Record

4.2.1. Software buggy

4.2.2. Product Recalls Due to battery problem

4.2.3. Late releases

4.3. User interface is poor compared to competitors

4.3.1. DGI Much cleaner and simpler to use

4.4. Core competency un-clear

4.4.1. Positioned as a Photogrpahy ecosystem

4.4.2. But better known for it's drone.