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Me after 10 years by Mind Map: Me after 10 years

1. Start working as a Broadcaster and Documentary/Film Producer

1.1. While I'm working as a broadcaster I will also learn to work as a producer at a same time.

1.1.1. To improve my skills and to share my knowledge.

1.1.2. To do what I want in life and to inspire people. So that while I'm working I can also work on my passion. And I can say my working life is not boring.

1.1.3. To give learning through media.

1.2. To produce more stories of film.

1.2.1. Do my passion. Helping the poor especially the children. By giving them a free educational entertainment film.

1.3. Be a part of a famous broadcasting areas and focus on my field.

1.3.1. Apply what I have learned in my course.

1.3.2. Work as unbiased broadcaster. So I can be a good broadcaster and have a good value of salary.

1.3.3. Deliver a news in a right way and give people satisfaction of entertainment of information.

2. Make my own business

2.1. I will manage a resort in our province.

2.2. Goal: To give my parents what they want and to have extra money to give for them and to support also my some needs.

2.3. Goal: To make my business bigger so that I can build another resort in different places.

3. Spend more time to my self and with my family.

3.1. Travel to the different country with them.

3.2. Giving my parents what they want and need , when they're old.

3.3. Travel alone in the Korea and meet my oppa

3.4. To build a house for me and for my family.

4. In Gods will and destined this is me hopefully after 10 years.

5. Planning to be in a relationship and have my own family.

5.1. Follow what my heart and mind say.

5.2. Choose and be with the guy I really love

5.3. Have a serious commitment.

5.3.1. Make a happy family

5.4. Spend time and make more moments.

5.5. Plan a wedding and have a baby.