War: What is it good for?

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War: What is it good for? by Mind Map: War: What is it good for?

1. Literature (Terry)

1.1. Lessons based on text, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas- John Boyne

1.1.1. Symbols: Ideas and meaning behind them

1.1.2. Multi-genre Project, extended class project.

2. Social Studies (Greg)

2.1. WW II Strategies

2.1.1. Students will create a map of WWII strategies and learn about "total war"


2.2.1. Students will create a written document taking on the role of a leader in WWII.

3. Spanish (Laura)

3.1. Fighting for Independence in the Dominican Republic (Before We Were Free)

3.1.1. New node

3.2. Spanish-American War, effects today

4. Mathematics (Jessie)

4.1. Analysis of Wars

4.1.1. Students will analyze wars in which the two opposing sides have a large difference in numbers

4.2. US WWII Economics

4.2.1. Students will analyze the economic growth in the United States during WWII