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Unit 1 by Mind Map: Unit 1

1. What did you go to the cinema

2. Hair

2.1. long

2.2. Short

2.3. Shoulder

2.4. length

2.5. Wavy

2.6. Curly

2.7. bald

3. Present Continuos

3.1. Clothes

3.1.1. men shorts suit shoes belt tie

3.1.2. woman dress Top Skirt sandals tights legginsgs scarf

3.1.3. Unisex coat jeans shirt jacket tracksuit T shirt boots trainers cap hat gloves socks

3.2. Prepositions

3.3. Place

4. Where are you from?

4.1. Home and Family

4.1.1. Were are you from?

4.1.2. Where were you born?

4.1.3. Where do you live?

4.1.4. Do you live in a house or flat?

4.1.5. Do you have any brothers and sisters?

4.1.6. Do you have any pets?

4.2. Job/Studies

4.2.1. What do you do? Where do you work? Do you love/enjoy your job? What school /university do you are to ? What year are you in? Can you speak any other languages? which? Where did you learn English before?

4.3. Free time

4.3.1. What kind of music do you listen to?

4.3.2. Do you play a musical instrument? Which?

4.3.3. What Tv programmes do you see ?

4.3.4. Do you practice any sport or excercise? What?

4.3.5. What kind of book or magazines do you read?

4.3.6. How often do you go to the cinema?

4.3.7. What did you do last weekend?

5. Present Simple

5.1. Short

5.2. Apperance

5.2.1. grey

5.2.2. Eyes brown blue green big smal chinese

5.2.3. Weight thin slim overweight heavy

5.2.4. Height Tall

5.3. Personality

5.3.1. Adjetive Friendly Unfriendly Talkative quite Generous mean Kind Unkind Lazy Hardworking Funny Serious Clever Stupid Shy Extrovert