Multi-functional furniture

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Multi-functional furniture by Mind Map: Multi-functional furniture

1. Customer/Client

1.1. The customer/ client will affect the overall product as depending on the target audience the product will be different. I will have to take into account what different ages groups would use.

1.2. I will have to gain information from the questionnaire and secondary research from the internet.

1.3. Questions

1.3.1. Who would be most likely to buy multi-function furniture?

1.3.2. Particular gender?

1.3.3. Who should the product be aimed at?

1.3.4. What is the target audience for this product?

1.3.5. What products would appeal to the younger/older generation?

2. Ergonomics

2.1. The ergonomics will affect the size of the product and the design as the product needs to be easy to use and practical.

2.2. Questions

2.2.1. How big does it need to be in order to make it easy for the user to use?

2.2.2. How high should the produce be from the ground?

2.2.3. Should it be portable?

2.2.4. Where should be placed to make it practical for the use?

2.3. I will get the measurement from researching online, measuring furniture, questionnaires.

3. Social Issues

3.1. The social issues may influence the product as the materials should be reusable and easy to recycle so that it does not impact the environment negatively by using an unrecyclable material.

3.2. How will I have it sustainable?

3.3. I will get this information from research

4. Function

4.1. The function is so that the furniture it multi-functional- I will gain ideas from getting inspirations of art galleries and exhibitions

4.2. I will find my product by gaining an idea of their preferences through a questionnaires

4.3. Questions

4.3.1. What should its main function be? A desk/chair? A coat rack/shoe rack? A dressing table/bedside table? A lamp/mirror?

5. Manufacturing/Making

5.1. The manufacturing process will depend on the material which I will have to research

5.2. Depending on the material, I will research manufacturing processes online

5.3. Questions

5.3.1. Should a mould or a form be used?

5.3.2. How will the pieces be attached? Nut and bolt? Screw? Glue?

5.3.3. What processes? Sanding? Turning? Polishing? Brazing? Annealing?

6. Environment

6.1. The issues on the environment may affect the final product as it influences the materials, if it should be from recyclable materials

6.2. Questions

6.2.1. Could the materials be pull apart and used again?

6.2.2. Should the product he recyclable/ made for recycled materials?

6.2.3. What materials would be less harmful to the environment?

6.3. We could get the information from the internet.

7. Aesthetic

7.1. The key effects on aesthetics will be to appeal to the target audience- I will need to take into account all the different designs and ideas through a questionnaire to see what ideas would work best.

7.2. The size and practicality of the product would affect the aesthetics and batch production will affect the aesthetics as it should be simple enough to be make multiple products in a small amount of time.

7.3. Questions

7.3.1. What texture? Smooth? Bumpy?

7.3.2. I will get the information from the questionnaire and primary research.

7.3.3. What colours should be used? Primary? Secondary? Pale? Vivid?

7.3.4. What ideas should influence the design? Retro? Simple? Modern?

7.3.5. What finishes? Polish? Wax? Paint?

7.3.6. How big should the product be if it needs to fit into a small apartment?

8. Cost

8.1. The cost of the product will affect the materials, size, finishes, and manufacture. In addition, the cost of the production would affect the overall price.

8.2. Questions

8.2.1. How much money should be spent on the materials?

8.2.2. What is my spending threshold?

8.2.3. What should the budget be?

8.3. I will gather my information by finding out prices for the materials online or at the shops and I should find out how much customers are willing to pay for the product.

9. Safety

9.1. The safety of the product would affect the shape as it may not have any sharp edges or corners and it will have no small, fiddly parts.

9.2. Questions

9.2.1. Will it have a smooth surface-clear or splinters?

9.2.2. How stable should it be?

9.2.3. Will it be waterproof?

9.3. I will get this information from the questionnaire and information it be provided from the internet.

10. Materials

10.1. The key effect on materials will be the overall aesthetics which I would get through questionnaires

10.2. I will gather all the research from the internet and questionnaires

10.3. Questions

10.3.1. What materials will be strong enough to support the items?

10.3.2. How much would the materials be?

10.3.3. What materials should I use? Metal? Plastic? Wood?