NewForma API

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NewForma API by Mind Map: NewForma API

1. Base Service

1.1. Windows Service hosted in RackSpace

1.1.1. Spawn NF Watchers for all Configured Clients

1.1.2. Acts as a "Watchdog" service to ensure that the client continues to run

1.1.3. Azure Cloud Service

1.2. Local Client

2. Callouts

2.1. Projects

2.2. Project Team

2.3. Companies

2.3.1. NF handle with companies differently to R3

2.4. Contacts

2.4.1. NF handle with contacts differently to R3

2.5. Branches

2.5.1. This could be office locations?

2.6. Employes

2.6.1. NF handle with contacts differently to R3

2.7. Workstages

2.7.1. Not currently supported in the NF API

2.8. Resource Data

2.8.1. Not sure what NF does with this information

3. Integration Client

3.1. Coding Options

3.1.1. SQLTableDependency Codeplex open source

3.1.2. Query Notifications in SQL Server MS .NET Solution

3.1.3. How to cope with downtime? Additional sweeper service? Picks up anything older than X minutes

3.1.4. How to cope with failures? As Above Repeat operation

3.2. CRUD

3.2.1. CREATE 1. Check Item doesn't exist in Map Exists Continue 2. Check item doesn't exist in NF Exists Continue 3. Create item in NF 4. Create the Item External ID Map 5. Complete Stack Item 6. Store Logs

3.2.2. READ no direct (from within R3) required at present

3.2.3. UPDATE Follow the same process as crate

3.2.4. DELETE Does deleting in NF physically remove the item? What happens to the External ID Map

3.3. Tables

3.3.1. <R3DB>tbl_SYS_TransactionLog

3.3.2. CloudAdmin.tbl_CLIENT_Clients

3.3.3. CloudAdmin.tbl_CLIENT_Subscriptions

3.4. Startup

3.4.1. Clear the pending transctions Only need to check on startup

3.4.2. Start the watcher

4. Reusable

4.1. Sage50 and Xero integration

5. Settings

5.1. XML on box

5.2. Newforma Console

5.2.1. R3 Database

5.2.2. Cloud Admin

5.3. Configuration

5.3.1. via the R3 Console

5.3.2. External Application

5.4. New Client Applications

5.4.1. Let client configure through R3/Console App

6. Map External IDs

6.1. Where should they be stored?

6.1.1. R3 Database

6.1.2. CloudAdmin

6.2. Fields Required

6.2.1. ExternalID

6.2.2. External Application ID (Subscription No?)

6.2.3. Rapport ID

6.2.4. ObjectID