media convergence and connection to participatory culture

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media convergence and connection to participatory culture by Mind Map: media convergence and connection to participatory culture

1. broad forms of communication

1.1. mobile devices/computers

1.1.1. people can participate via anywhere breaking down gaps between nations/cultures with exposure

2. universal language aka emojis, text abbreviations

2.1. created by the participants

2.1.1. generational language gap generation gap

3. adaptation of old media to fit new generations

3.1. everything becoming available on an iPhone

3.1.1. apps for household needs, shopping, news etc

4. affordability

4.1. financial differences

4.1.1. finance plans available almost everywhere for technology so more people can be apart of this

5. technological home

5.1. amazon echo controls your home

5.1.1. lights,locks,music,temperature etc

6. celebrities

6.1. we follow them on social media

6.1.1. watch their movies and shows engage in their life

7. social media

7.1. people participate in the creation and absorption of content constantly

7.1.1. communicate and distribute there content across the world

8. news

8.1. not just global

8.1.1. local enterainment news

9. suited to fit all

9.1. anyone can find their internet/media needs with various apps or outlets that suit their interests

9.1.1. media is now for all

10. culture

10.1. allows people to see and view other cultures or their own through movies, music and other platforms

10.1.1. also influences other cultures

11. accessability

11.1. ability to access information

11.1.1. more educated knowledge people and can allow people to participate in certain events for example the election