Me, 10 years from now

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Me, 10 years from now by Mind Map: Me, 10 years from now

1. Finish my study

1.1. Graduate with degree

1.2. Graduate with wonderful memories

1.3. Reach my goal

2. Goals

2.1. Having own company

2.1.1. Manage it carefully

2.1.2. To be a good leader

2.2. To be a manager

2.3. To be a CPA

2.4. Have a Own house

2.5. To have a successful life

3. Financial

3.1. Help my family

3.2. Help other people

3.3. Give a charity for every church

4. Love

4.1. Find real man who will love me most

4.2. To be with him

4.2.1. Married

4.2.2. Family Happy and Contented

5. Christ Centered

5.1. Visit all the church here in Philippines

5.2. Visit church in other country

5.3. Share the good news of God

6. Health

6.1. Have a personal doctor

6.2. Exercise daily

6.3. Healthy lifestyle

7. Adventurer

7.1. Travel wonderful place here in philippines

7.2. Travel the world

7.3. Travel every places with the people who ilove the most