Me After 10 years

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Me After 10 years by Mind Map: Me After 10 years

1. Successful

1.1. I will have the most well known company in the world

1.2. I will become the most famous boss of my own company and well known whole world

1.3. I will make my company members the most skilled person in the world

2. Thankful

2.1. Don't forget to thank my parents who push me to achieve my impossible dreams

2.1.1. Mom who make and prepare my things everyday

2.1.2. My step dad who help me financially

2.2. and the person whose around and help me to Graduate

2.2.1. My teachers and professor who help me to gained knowledge and skills

3. Wealthy

3.1. Because of my richness I will use it to build my own company

3.1.1. Save money even though it is a small amount

3.1.2. Make the building simple but looks like a high class company

3.2. and Use it to build my own home for my own family

3.2.1. Make sure to save it with a trusted bank

3.2.2. Build house that only goods for the number of my family

4. Opportunities

4.1. I will seek an opportunity abroad and apply to a famous company

4.1.1. Work hard and every job given, work it with passion

4.1.2. Do not compete with your other office-mate

4.2. A chance of promotion grab the opportunity

4.2.1. Just be humble and don't become hard headed when you are in the highest position

4.2.2. Always set in mind that a good job is more successful if all have the passion of "TEAMWORK"