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Steve Jobs by Mind Map: Steve Jobs

1. Who is he ?

1.1. Jobs is a co-founder of Apple

1.2. a billionaire regarded as a visionary in the industry

2. In 1976, Jobs and Wozniak started the Apple Company.

3. The first success was Apple computers

3.1. By the age of 25 Jobs was worth $165m

4. in 1985, Steve Jobs left Apple

4.1. Because John Sculley decided he had to leave.

4.2. After 4 year returned with NextStep computer but not success

5. Second success: Pixar

6. In 1997, Apple asked him to return and he came back

6.1. within a year the ailing company was once more making handsome profits.

7. Latest venture: Itunes

7.1. iTunes is a way to decrease pirate downloads.

8. Steve Jobs can be very arrogant

9. Job's greatest quality is that he has a vision for the future of technology.