Should Chewing Gum in School be Allowed

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Should Chewing Gum in School be Allowed by Mind Map: Should Chewing Gum in School be Allowed

1. School Chewing Gum Problems

1.1. Kids stick gum under desks

1.2. Kids chew loudly during class

1.3. The gum can distract them from their task

1.4. What is the main reason gum is not allowed in school?

2. Positives of Chewing Gum

2.1. Studies show improved mental power while working problems

2.2. Gum improves the memory

2.3. Can relieve stress

2.4. Do the positives overpower the negatives or do the negatives still seem worse

3. What Teachers Think

3.1. Some teachers do not care while others do

3.2. They worry about the possibility of school vandalism with the gum

3.3. Most teachers think that we are not responsible enough to chew gum in school

3.4. Do teachers understand the desire to chew gum by students to give them something to do

4. What Students Think

4.1. Most students prefer to chew gum

4.2. Do the students deserve to chew gum

4.3. Students believe that it will help them work harder

4.4. Think it will help concentration and improvement of grades