All about backpacking and hiking

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All about backpacking and hiking by Mind Map: All about backpacking and hiking

1. Backpacking wear

1.1. Best hiking boots for long trips

1.2. What to get for rain gear?

1.3. Good backpacks?

1.4. What to wear?

1.4.1. Type of pants

1.4.2. Type of shirt

2. Cooking Utensils for backpacking

2.1. plates/bowls

2.2. cups?

2.3. spork,fork,spoon,knife what to use?

3. Type of food for backpacking

3.1. Breakfast for trying to start fast in the morning?

3.2. Breakfast for a normal morning

3.3. lunch on a long day

3.4. lunch on a short day

3.5. dinner when your done hiking

3.6. Snacks

4. When to eat?

4.1. Breakfast

4.2. Dinner

4.3. Lunch

4.4. Snacks

5. How/When to get water for Backpacking and Hiking

5.1. Best Quality water filter

5.2. How to know when you will be able to collect water

5.3. How much water should I carry?

5.4. What should I use to carry my water?

6. Tools for Hiking and Backpacking

6.1. Do I need hiking poles?

6.2. Lighter

6.3. Leatherman

6.4. Shovel/toilet paper

6.5. Sleeping bag and pillow?

6.6. Tent

6.6.1. Do I need a rain cover?

6.6.2. How to set it up

7. Best season to Hike/Backpack

8. Where to hike

8.1. Where to Backpack

9. Bugs

9.1. Bug spray

9.2. Season with less bugs

9.3. Clothing to keep bugs away

10. National Parks For day hinking

10.1. Yosemite

10.2. PA Grand Cayon

10.3. Grand Cayon

10.4. Yellowstone

11. Good Parks to Backpack

11.1. out west

11.2. East coast

12. sleeping bags