Hunting in Adams County,PA

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Hunting in Adams County,PA by Mind Map: Hunting in Adams County,PA

1. Type of Tree Stands

2. Type Of Caliber

2.1. What caliber gun are you going to use?

3. Type Of Camoflauge

3.1. What type of Camoflauge is the best to hunt in Adams County

4. Type of animal your hunting

4.1. What animal are you hunting? Where does that animal live?

5. Type of hunting weapon

5.1. What type of weapon are you hunting with?

6. Type of tree your hunting out of

6.1. What type of tree are you hunting out of?

7. Type of hunting meathods

7.1. What kind of method of hunting are you using?

8. Safety zone

8.1. Where are the safety zones around you?