G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Qualification Workshop

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G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Qualification Workshop by Mind Map: G.U.T.S. Sales Mastery: The Qualification Workshop

1. What you're going to learn today (2)

1.1. Learn the ONLY 5 things you need to know about the seller to either go for the close or FIRE them

1.2. Discover how to use Psychological Deal Trigger #5 to ask questions with finesse and extract all the information you need

1.3. Find out how to use the "G.U.T.S. Barometer" to quickly score the seller

1.4. Learn how to deploy Psychological Deal Trigger #1 to get a commitment from the seller BEFORE you even give them your offer

1.5. Just like the Agenda Workshop, this is all going to be about PRACTICE. We're going to role play, practice and master the "Qualification" step together.

2. Intro (5)

2.1. Here's where we are and what we have coming up

2.1.1. The G.U.T.S. Method Masterclass

2.1.2. The "Agenda" Workshop

2.1.3. The "Qualification" Workshop

2.1.4. The "Close" Workshop

2.1.5. Bonus Workshop #1: The 4 Types of Strategies That Guarantees Your Profitability

2.1.6. Bonus Workshop #2: Text Your Way To Deals (with Yassin Shaar)

2.1.7. 2 Surprise Gifts Gift #1: 25 Seller Listings in YOUR Area (Week 5) Gift #2: More Details on the Next Webinar

2.2. Catch up on homework

2.2.1. Did watch the webinar again?

2.2.2. Did you roleplay with a GUTS Accountability Partner?

2.2.3. Did you make at least 3 phone calls every day?

2.2.4. If you only do these 3 homeworks every week, you'll be on your way to mastering G.U.T.S.

3. Ground Rules (5)

3.1. Engage in the Facebook Group

3.1.1. Record your conversations with sellers & post it in the FB. Give feedback to each other. Check the laws in your state

3.1.2. Ask questions and share your experience with other members

3.1.3. Share your biggest takeaways right after each training session

3.1.4. Make sure to check out the G.U.T.S. Quick-Start Video Series

3.2. Practice. Practice. Practice.

3.3. Recording will be available after the call (we'll email it to you)

3.4. We'll be mostly role playing, so make sure you're in a quiet place

3.5. Any questions before we move on?

4. The Qualification Step (40)

4.1. Quick recap of the 3 Steps "Success Staircase"

4.1.1. Agenda (Roleplay 3x)

4.1.2. Qualification

4.1.3. Close

4.2. Why

4.2.1. Biggest mistakes amateur investors & wholesalers do Spend way too much time with unqualified prospects Premature presentation without information (present wrong offer) Too aggressive and uncomfortable Q&A They don't know what to ask (or ask the wrong questions)

4.2.2. Saves you time because you're only talking to "highly motivated" sellers

4.2.3. Gives you a criteria to qualify for what's REALLY important

4.2.4. Puts you in control and allows you to be comfortable and confident

4.2.5. You know exactly what to say and ask

4.3. What & How

4.3.1. What to qualify for Motivation (AKA Needs & Greeds) GUTS Barometer (1-10) Find a need Create a need Money Qualify for money EARLY!!! Mortgage/Equity Option Money Repairs Valuation Time When do they want to sell? When are they moving out? When are the tenants moving out? If they're buyers, when do they want to buy? Authority (to make decision) How do they normally make decisions? Anyone else involved? Character to keep Commitment Can I take your word to the bank? Stroke and nurture

4.3.2. Psychological Deal Triggers (A.K.A GUTS Moves) (10) Psychological Deal Trigger #1: Micro-Commitment We touched on it on the Agenda step It also applies here Small decisions lead to big commitments Psychological Deal Trigger #2: Stroking & Nurturing When they talk about their problem, you want to empathize with them Stroke/nurture after they answer a question, it opens them up to answer the following questions. They're being rewarded for good behavior (Thank you, you're very generous etc.) Psychological Deal Trigger #3: Storytelling To stimulate the pain, needs & greeds Million Dollar Rule: Get Them Emotional Type of Stories Psychological Deal Trigger #4: "I don't know" If they come back at you with a question you don't want to answer at that moment

4.4. Let's now have some fun and spend the rest of the time roleplaying

4.4.1. Roleplay #1: Motivation (Needs & Greeds) GUTS Barometer: 10 (Urgent) GUTS Barometer: 5-7 (Some Motivation) GUTS Barometer: 1-4 (Little Motivation)

4.4.2. Roleplay #2: Money

4.4.3. Roleplay #3: Time

4.4.4. Roleplay #4: Authority

4.4.5. Roleplay #5: Character

4.4.6. Roleplay #6: All Qualification Steps (3x)

4.4.7. Roleplay #7: Reluctance to share mortgage info

5. Recap (5)

5.1. Recap of what we learned today

5.2. Next Steps

5.2.1. Watch the webinar again

5.2.2. Share your #1 biggest takeaway or aha moment in the Facebook group

5.2.3. Roleplay with a GUTS Accountability Partner (Practice qualification)

5.2.4. Make at least 5 phone calls every day

5.3. What's coming next

5.3.1. The "Close" Workshop Discover how to build rapport with the seller and demonstrate empathy so you can gain their acceptance and open them up for the CLOSE Find out the RIGHT time to present your offer and how to SATISFY The seller's needs to avoid rejection Learn how to turn the seller into the salesperson and have THEM chase you for the deal Discover how to use "Psychological Deal Trigger #8 to TRIPLE close the seller and LOCK in the deal Just like the other workshops, this is all going to be about PRACTICE. We're going to role play, practice and master the "Close" step together.

5.3.2. Surprise Gift #1: 25 Seller Listings in YOUR Area (I'll send out an email about it)

5.3.3. Surprise Gift #2 (To be revealed on next webinar)