Organizing Understanding ETCV 530

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Organizing Understanding ETCV 530 by Mind Map: Organizing Understanding ETCV 530

1. I've Been Thinking...

1.1. Technology Integration & Video Editing Ideas

1.1.1. Applications Prezi Powtoon Photo Story 3 iMovie Windows Movie Maker Animoto Adobe Spark Video

1.1.2. Incorporation Methods Tutorials Test it yourself Student-friendly App Versions Teacher modeling

1.2. Digital Skills & Digital Literacy

1.2.1. No Literacy = Technology becomes meaningless

1.2.2. Hand in hand

1.2.3. Future = Technology

1.2.4. Equally important

1.2.5. Are Teachers up for the game?

1.2.6. Digital Literacy superior and much more important

1.2.7. Keep up with innovation

2. Encouraging Creativity

2.1. Videos

2.1.1. Do Schools Kill Creativity? Children have enormous capacities for innovation Creativity is as important as Literacy Children will take a chance; not afraid to be wrong No system has Dance and Arts at the top We only focus on educating students from the waist up Focus on students' heads

2.1.2. Bring on the Learning Revolution! Create circumstances to have human resources and talents reveal themselves out Real challenges are to innovate fundamentally in education.

2.1.3. Tales of Creativity and Play Fear causes conservatism in our minds Playfulness helps be more creative in our solutions, in completing our jobs

2.2. Lesson Plan Idea

2.2.1. Jigsaw Strategy

2.2.2. Student accountability

2.2.3. Creativity in Writing

2.2.4. Collaboration among students

3. Keeping Current

3.1. Really Simple Syndication (RSS)

3.1.1. Feeds Education Week Edutopia Lisa Nielsen: Innovative Educator Blogs Posts Forums

3.1.2. Readers Outlook CommaFeed Bloglines Digg Reader Feedly G2Reader RSSowl

3.1.3. Discussion Posts Choices based on convenience User Friendly Feedly somewhat popular