Me, 10 years from now

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Me, 10 years from now by Mind Map: Me, 10 years from now

1. I will be a successful Enginner

1.1. To own a the most successful Enginnering Company

1.1.1. A Passion for Helping Others To provide jobs for the employees

2. Hopefully, in good terms with my family

2.1. To get married and have my own Family

2.1.1. I will be able to provide financial needs for them To maintain good health for all family members

3. My Goals

3.1. To be able to travel around the world with my family

3.1.1. To build a Mansion Save money for future purposes

3.2. To have a sports car

3.2.1. To be Physically Fit Pay of all debts

4. My dreams in life

4.1. To earn a lots of money

4.1.1. To become a first person shooter best gamer To be able to publish sstories

4.2. To be loved and be happy

4.2.1. To get my masters degree Go on a long vacation